All of our software is written in the industry standard Java programming language. The communications between different components of SALAMI and NEMA are established using Webservices (REST, SOAP, etc.). The music structure will be expressed in W3C standard RDF (Resource Description Framework) [1] based on the Music Ontology (Raimond et al. 2007). [2] We will adopt linked data guidelines ( to ensure that the data we publish is as reusable as possible. For provenance we will adopt the emerging Open Provenance Model. [3] We will comply with Open Archive Initiative [4] standards including the RDF-based Object Reuse and Exchange representation. The RDF data will be made available via SPARQL [5] endpoints. All these standards are already in use in partner projects and underpin NEMA to a significant extent.

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  2. Music Ontology creator, Yves Raimond, sits on the SALAMI Advisory Board. See
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