Shahrad Mohammadzadeh

Studying B.Sc Honours Computer Science @ McGill University

As an Honours Computer Science Student at McGill University, my desire is to apply Computer Science and Mathematics to the world of technology and problem-solving and highly Interested in doing research; fields such as: Machine Learning, Data Science, and software systems. I am experienced in a broad range of software tools and programming languages. My current focus in DDMAL is working as a software developer.

I am a professional piano player (since the age of 7!). My favorite piece is “fantaisie impromptu” by Chopin.

My projects can be found on github. For instance, I have recently finished a music recommendation system in a fabulous team of 4. The model uses machine learning to offer you music based on your taste. The source code can be found on my github.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with me on linkedIn for collaborations!

Research Interests

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Ethics in AI
  • Music Technology
  • Software Systems

Academic Record

  • Bachelor of Science in Honours Computer Science at McGill University (current)