Emily Hopkins

Project Manager (SIMSSA)

Emily Hopkins (she/her) has worked as the project manager for the SIMSSA Project (Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis, simssa.ca) since 2015. She is also a member of Library Freedom Project (libraryfreedom.org). She graduated with her MLIS from the University of Alberta in 2020, and before that studied musicology (McGill) and oboe performance (UBC).

Research Interests

  • libraries
  • metadata
  • free software

Academic Record

  • University of Alberta, Master of Library and Information Studies, 2020
  • McGill University, Master of Arts, Musicology, 2015
  • University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Music in Orchestral Instrument Performance (Oboe), 2011


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  • Ju, Yaolong, Gustavo Polins Pedro, Cory McKay, Emily Ann Hopkins, and Julie Cumming. 2019. “Enabling Music Search and Analysis: A Database for Symbolic Music Files.” Poster (refereed) presented at the Music Encoding Conference 2019, University of Vienna, Austria, May 30.
  • McKay, Cory, Emily Hopkins, Gustavo Polins Pedro, Yaolong Ju, Andrew Kam, Julie Cumming, and Ichiro Fujinaga. 2019. “A Collaborative Symbolic Music Database for Computational Research on Music.” Presented at the Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Basel, Switzerland.
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  • Penner, Nina, and Emily Hopkins. 2015. “Musicologists on GitHub: User Experience and the ELVIS Database.” Presented at the CIRMMT Workshop on usability and user experience for music information systems, McGill University, Montreal, QC, September 25.