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A browser-based neume editor.
The Neume Editor Online (Neon) renders an MEI file of a chant manuscript page as SVG, allowing you to visualize that MEI file and compare it to the original folio. Neon also allows you to correct that information if needed by providing an easy-to-use interface for editing the rendered SVG. Once finished, Neon allows you to export a new MEI file that reflects the changes you made to the SVG.
Ichiro Fujinaga
Gregory Burlet
Andrew Hankinson
Juliette Regimbal
Zoé McLennan
Caitlin Hutnyk
Alex Daigle
Yinan Zhou
Jinho Yoon
Max Zhang
David Peterman
Andrew Tran
Gabby Halpin
Gabriel Vigliensoni
Ravi Raina
Timothy de Reuse
Kemal Kongar
Sabrina Mansour
Hong Van Pham
Alastair Porter
Andrew Horwitz
Ryan Bannon
Ling X. Yang
Anton Khelou
Geneviève Gates-Panneton
Anna de Bakker
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