Usage of the 2-Dimensional Plot in Vision 3.6


The two-dimensional plot is a useful tool integrated into Vision to make measurements, and maybe the most useful for phonographic records. It displays a map and two graphics which are the x and the y profile. br


Two lines are visible on the map. Each refers to the position of the profile visible on the graphics. To change the profile position, you can click on the map. The mouse pointer's position will be the new point where the lines crosses. For more precision, it is possible to use the arrow keys of the keyboard.

To make measurments on the graphics, do not try to use your eyes. Move the marker on the right of the graphic and move it to the desired position. It will appear on the map (as an arrow on the axis). If there's data (the data are not set as bad), a label appears showing the point's position with a non-continuous line to the point. The label is movable but will return to its first position if you move the marker. Please note that some points aren't visible on the graphic but will be showed by the marker and the label.

Ok so this may be useful to get a single point's data. To get some distances, the second marker may be used. Move it to the desired position. The distce between the points is displayed under the graphic's title, and the depth's difference is displayed on the right of the graphic.

gallery Image:Groovespace.jpg|Measuring the space between two grooves Image:Groovedepth.jpg|Measuring a groove's depth /gallery

Right-clicking beetween the two markers allow you to zoom in the space between them. Use the right click to reset the cursor positions or zoom out (only avaible if you alread has zoomed in). By right-clicking you can change some display options, such as the range of the z-axis. This is not really usefull because the graphics adapts itselfs automatically.

Inter-groove spacing, groove width and depth are easy to measure using this tool if the grooves are in the direction of one of the axis, just have to use two markers and note the distances.