In attendance: Jason, Gabriel, Wendy, Alastair, Hannah, Brian, Catherine, Andrew, Ich.

Pre-meeting discussion

Brian's wrist is worse than previously thought

Individual updates

  • Jason recently released a single on vinyl which is now in the top 10 of drum and bass releases in current charts, i...

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- New backup server coming in
- Greg to take over maintaining the server, under guidance of someone else

- Wendy not coming back in the Fall (busy) :-(

- GV and AH just interviewed Lucille ("Lucy")

- Catherine will BLOG GVs tour and JH's music video release

- lot...

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greg will be away for 2.5 weeks in edmonton
saining - away august 27th for 1 week

jason explains mellotron
gabriel - bar finder: we are finding bars, setting up rules, talking with greg about output extractor

wendy: diva working on canvas; working on documentation
logo -

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Attendes: Ich, Alastair, Greg, Brian, Gabriel, Hannah, Saining, Catherine, Andrew, Wendy.

Ich: As an incentive to minimize travel expenses, the person who can find the cheapest flight gets a seat at dinner with Ich and Special Guest. Think about it.

Jason: Accompaniment sounding better for sco...

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