greg will be away for 2.5 weeks in edmonton
saining - away august 27th for 1 week

jason explains mellotron
gabriel - bar finder: we are finding bars, setting up rules, talking with greg about output extractor

wendy: diva working on canvas; working on documentation
logo -
saining: using gate working on birthday, place of birth, death, who they worked with, student of etc,

alastair: echonest echoprint - has code, evaluating it; finishing summer of code -> musicbrainz: creating list of collection, adding releases to a named list

greg: barfinder -> started with jengo app but decided on mini-rodan. auto-rotation +/-2%; express system breaks # staffs per system etc.

user input per page, you can specify how staves are grouped together
- 1 stave grouped together, repeated 4 times (1)/r4
- (14 (3) (4) 1)
working on syntax, gab's barlines, and creating a MEI doc.

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