Attendes: Ich, Alastair, Greg, Brian, Gabriel, Hannah, Saining, Catherine, Andrew, Wendy.

Ich: As an incentive to minimize travel expenses, the person who can find the cheapest flight gets a seat at dinner with Ich and Special Guest. Think about it.

Jason: Accompaniment sounding better for score follower. Also been writing.

Gabriel: Working on new feature for Gamera classifier. Also working on bar-finder with Greg.

Saining: Worked on relation extraction of Baker's for grant proposal.

Greg: For Neon: worked on tstrongplate for upload page, set up google analytics. For bar-finder: set up Django application, chose name Bargon.

Alastair: Writing, musicbrainz stuff, and looking into cloud-based backup.

Wendy: For diva: plugins and documentation. Got summer of code position with European Space Agency.

Hannah: Updating visualisations for CRIC, improving user input, making tutorials.

Brian: Worked on color-processing modules, correcting interface for bar-finder.

Catherine: Put up blog post of SIMSSA workshop. Had a concert in Ottawa playing late 16th-/early 17th-century music. Going to Vancouver tomorrow (named after a dutchman). Next blog post will be about MEI.

Andrew: Been booking flights, working on Richard Friedman's site.


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