Attendes: Ich, Alastair, Greg, Brian, Anton, Gabriel, Hannah, Saining, Catherine, Andrew, Trevor, Wendy.

  • ISMIR lodging arrangement: The three funded ones (Andrew, Greg, Jason) will pay for lodging for the three without funding (Hannah, Alastair, Gabriel). These ones have to say if they are attending ISMIR before Friday.
  • Four people (Trevor, Gabriel, Andrew, Catherine) are back in the lab.

1. Trevor is going to work to Microsoft, starting on Aug. 13th
2. Andrew came back from Virginia, he was working with the guys at the music library there. He worked developing a new MEI release, and a MEI open source plug-in for Sibelius (MEI2Sibelius).
3. Gabriel came back from holidays and touring in Chile
4. Catherine came back from Austria.

  • Updates

a. IAML: Andrew gave a talk at IAML yesterday. People appreciate that the talk was presented in a simple, not much technical, way. Andrew demoed the binarization, segmentation, and cropping RODAN modules, and did a live demo of Neon to Solar. Laurent Pugin gave another talk. There was another good presentation by Vladimir Viro. Andrew critiqued his presentation because he did not give any error rate in his results, and so we can not evaluate how accurate his system was. The input files he used were mostly pages from standard printed music. Viro also developed his own score viewer (ala Diva). Ich arranged important meetings for SIMSSA with the head of the Bibliotheque National de France, and the Library of Congress.
b. Wendy was last week in Portland in a workshop at Microsoft.
c. Anton has been fixing RODAN server-side issues.
d. Brian has been working with the new Luminance and RGB modules which will be useful for image preprocessing (image colour processing).
e. Greg did more drawing code for Neon. He also started a unit testing using QUnit.
f. Alastair did work on SIMSSA, and also finished another thesis chapter. His experiments are not finished yet, but are on the final stage.
a. Jason: doing more reading for his thesis and preparing a FM pirate radio. About CRIC, he has been working with the Corelli sonata. He will be out of town from this Friday.
b. Hannah worked with documentation with SPINX for the CRIC project, and also has been doing some bug fixing, which she thinks is related to Music21. Her thesis is going well.
c. Saining has been working in the relation extraction stuff in Java. She will write a progress report to see what she has done until now.

  • Tomorrow the SIMSSA run through session will start at 2PM, Ich will be late, and maybe Julie will come
  • CRIC meeting this coming Friday

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