In attendance: Jason, Wendy, Greg, Hannah, Saining, Anton, Ich, Andrew (Skype from Virginia), Jordan Smith (A doctoral student at Queen Mary), Eiko Matsuda (A doctoral student from Tokyo University), Reiko Yamada (A doctoral composition student at McGill).

Played Jungle music, loudly.
Showed pictures of our laboratory rock star, who is currently on tour.

Wendy: RODAN introduction. RODAN bug fixes, cosmetic issues.

Greg: NEON introduction. Cleaned up RODAN port. Bug Fixes.

Hannah: CRIC figured bass introduction. Working on visualization of rules (up on forum), to easily see when rules overlap, and a new similarity matrix graph.

Saining: Digital Prosopography introduction. Had a meeting with Matt Milner and other colleagues, where they discussed what they wanted in terms of relationships between entities (e.g. people and things). Did not settle on anything. Prosopography meeting on July 19, 2012. Saining to do a presentation at this meeting.

Anton: RODAN - issues with job restarts and crashes, code maitenance and performance.

Brian: RODAN bug fixes and optimization of JavaScript graphical user interfaces.

Andrew: working on secret research and thesis. Ich interjected: For the bar-line detection and correction project, only need to provide .mei file output of 1000+ pages of music. Look at images first, then work from there. Andrew is preparing presentation of RODAN for July 22, 2012 and July 28, 2012.

Ich: 20MB version of the demo version was compressed too much, quality was poor. Presentation went well.

Jason: Score following, working out accompaniment bugs to give demo at next harpsichord meeting. Greg learning tape back-up system of Gershwin and Jails. Writing and research for thesis.

Jordan: presentation. SALAMI mentioned in the Boston Globe. SALAMI data presented on Jordan's website (, generated from python scripts. Working with Elaine Chew on spiral model of pitches. Concluded with basis of his dissertation to be completed at Queen Mary University.

Eiko: presentation on synesthesia. Questions and discussion.

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