The lab meeting was mainly a RODAN meeting.

Good news: We did it!
Bad News: there's still a lot more work to do!

But for now it looks good on video, and Alastair will record a new video to deal with a few minor issues.

Anton's report:
Issues - he found out how to keep DJetc. records so they are not deleted. He is working through other (RODAN) issues on Github.

He is also working through issues on Github. He fixed segmentation's point creation and despeckle optimization, and implementing DJVU binarize is next on the list. For that task, his first draft is written and needs debugging and optimizing.

Following Ich's advice, she is waiting on Gamera until a diagonal plot feature is created.
She will focus on ELVIS for the next while.

Wrote more Python bindings for LibMEI
Is working on Neon django integration
Will make another neume library for Salzinnes as the neumes mostly differ from those found in the liber.
Will also turn his attention to ELVIS.

We learned about:
Ich's 4 times rule: it will take 4x longer than you think.
Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

RODAN: Working on the GUI to make task lists automatically update.

Lots of work on RODAN and Thesis.

Andrew (from afar):
People are to start thinking about their July 28 presentation?
Alastair: We'll run through the talks the week before.

Had meeting Friday. Wants to know how to find the intersection between two Music21 interval objects.

Upcoming absences:
Alastair will be gone for the next two weeks.
Catherine will be away July 11-20 but available online.


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