This was Andrew's last meeting until he's back from Virginia on July 20. Andrew has talked to some lab members about planning a presentation for the SIMSSA workshop on July 28 (weekend after IAML)

Ich wants a brief progress report from everyone in the lab about what they've been working on. Jason is to collate these from everyone by the next meeting and send to Ich.

Individual updates:

  • Saining: Met with Matt Milner again about text datamining stuff. Has been working through extraction demos with different software.
  • Jason: Working on score following. Follower now works with audio being supplied through line-in. Also been reading content for background chapter for dissertation.
  • Hannah: Refactored figured bass extractor to allow for easier future alteration. Extractor works with small scores (a few bars); next task is to make it work with longer scores. Been working towards CRIC workshop next week.
  • Gabriel: Working on staff-line detection and removal for Salzinnes. Applying Liber pitch recognition techniques to Salzinnes. Away from next week.
  • Anton: Been working on the queue system for Rodan. Making wrapper functions around functionality present in Gamera - despeckling, staff finding, binarisation, etc.
  • Brian: Writing javascript frontends for the interactive part of image manipulation. Binarisation, rotation, despeckle, segmentation. Andrew & Brian to move these into a git repository in order to be merged into Rodan
  • Catherine: Liaising with Ashley for hand-over of Music21/Hadoop/MrJob helper library for Elvis analysis.
  • Greg: Adding new Neon features: add & remove dots, add, remove, and move divisions, move clefs and update pitches. Working on a partial rewrite of pitch drawing code to handle multiple clefs per system.
  • Andrew: Submitted paper to Theory & Practise of Digital Libraries conference. Working with Richard Friedman.
  • Alastair: Finishing software for thesis experiment, finished first rough draft of Chapter 4, planning to get to Ich by the end of the week. Been doing some high-level Rodan management + planning.

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