A new release, SALAMI version 1.2, is now available. It contains parsed versions of the annotations: i.e., the large and small scale similarity labels and the functions are now presented as separate files. The instrumentation labels are not yet part of this package but this is in the works.

In addition, two new resources are now available too: (1) the parser, written in Ruby, that was used to generate the new parsed annotations (as well as a shell script to run it on all the files); and (2) a MATLAB function annotation_getfile.m that reads these files into matrices. Hopefully you'll find both resources have enough comments that you can modify and adapt the code easily.

All of these files are provided as is, without guarantee. They are separate from the official SALAMI release and thus are not public domain, but you have permission to use them. If you have any handy tools you've developed to manage the SALAMI data, you're welcome to share here too! If enough resources accumulate, we'll devote a separate page to them.

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