We are pleased to announce a more complete version of the SALAMI groundtruth dataset, with 2 important improvements.

SALAMI data v1.1 download link

First, we've included an additional 28 annotations of songs that also appear in the Isophonics database.

Second, we've included much more detailed metadata with this release. For the two thirds of the data derive that from the Codaich collection (McKay et al. 2006), all of the associated metadata from that project are provided in this release. The remaining third mostly derives from the Live Music Archive, and for these we provide the URLs of the audio files used.

More details about the dataset are provided by the earlier blog post, but it bears repeating that all of this data are dedicated to the public domain using this license.

Again, the contacting author, Jordan, will gladly receive your questions, inquiries, or news of your exciting research results! Cheers, and happy data crunching!

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