Greetings from Miami! We are pleased to report that two important publications about SALAMI were presented in Miami today at ISMIR 2011. They are: "Design and creation of a large-scale database of structural annotations" by Jordan B. L. Smith, John Ashley Burgoyne, Ichiro Fujinaga, David De Roure and J. Stephen Downie; and "Music Structure Segmentation Algorithm Evaluation: Expanding on MIREX 2010 Analyses and Datasets" by Andreas Ehmann, Mert Bay, J. Stephen Downie, Ichiro Fujinaga and David De Roure.

Smith et al. (2011) describes the planning and execution of the ground truth collection stage of the SALAMI project. Ehmann et al. (2011) presents an evaluation of multiple segmentation algorithms on a large portion of the SALAMI dataset.nnWe are about to start publishing the data itself for widespread use. Much of the data needs to be cleaned and manipulated before it can be used properly, and the public release of the data will be updated as these modifications are committed. Watch this space for updates!


PDF icon Ehmann_et_al_2011_ISMIR.pdf

PDF icon Smith_et_al_2011_ISMIR.pdf

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