The annotation portion of the SALAMI project is nearing its close; the 20 to 30 assignments on each annotator's docket are the last they'll see. Expect, now, to see some wrap-up posts that will give an overview of the data that was collected, and some reflections on how things went.

For now, we have an Updated version of the SALAMI Annotator Guide that includes many of the refinements that were made over the course of the annotation project. The most important of these refinements are the setting in stone of our function vocabulary list, and the switch from implicit to explicit description of a second hierarchical level (i.e., where earlier annotators marked symmetric and non-symmetric timepoints to suggest a smaller-scale structure, we switched to having annotators provide letter labels at two timescales).

The PDF of the guide is free to download, reuse and distribute.


PDF icon SALAMI-Annotator-Guide.pdf

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