We were very excited to receive some more music in the mail today: the RWC music databases! Briefly described in their words:

The RWC (Real World Computing) Music Database is a copyright-cleared music database that is available to researchers as a common foundation for research. It was built by the RWC Music Database Sub-Working Group of the Real World Computing Partnership (RWCP) of Japan. All the necessary copyrights and associated legal interests related to this database belong to Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), who have provided for an unprecedented level of sharing of this musical data within the research community.

We will definitely annotate songs from the RWC Classical, Jazz, Genre and Popular music datasets for the SALAMI project. Although AIST has also created structural annotations for its songs, the annotation method we are employing is sufficiently different that it will be worth replicating some of their work.

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