I have been working on getting the data from the cantusdatabase and load them into solr so we can perform searches, as well as installing DIVA so we can view the images on the browser using DIVA, and eventually connect the data in solr with the images. I first wrote a script to get the data from the cantusdatabase (390 and 391), including the contents inside the links, and stored the complete data in two csv files, and they are available on gershewin (390.csv and 391.csv) . I then started looking into DIVA and trying to install it on my computer. For a few days, I had trouble connecting to the localhost, and when I got that working, I spent many days trying to display the images using the IIPImage server. As of today, I finally got the IIPImage server and the backend PHP script working properly (with the help from Nick). We are still trying to configure the front-end html file because we are a bit confused about the documentation for that part, so with some clarification from Wendy, we should get it to work soon. Concerning solr, it took me a few days to get familiar with how it works because I didn't know anything about solr before. I'm in the process of configuring it so that it will load csv files properly and right now I am having trouble loading the csv files of the manuscripts. I'm a bit confused about how to modify the schema.xml file to take into account all the fields in my csv files and I'm studying the examples trying to understand it. Hopefully I'll figure that out soon and I should be able to perform searches with solr.

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