In attendance: Jason, Gabriel, Greg, Hannah, Saining, Brian, Anton, Lucille, Ich.

Jason's run-through for his doctoral symposium talk (on November 16th!) will immediately follow next week's lab meeting.

Ich's computer was stolen this past week, which lead to a discussion of off-site back ups. It might be a good idea for the lab to get a CrashPlan subscription for cloud back ups; Hannah will look into this.

Individual updates:

  • Anton has finished working on incorporating multiple workflows for pages in Rodan projects.
  • Brian has been working on integrating the correction interface of Barline Finder into a Rodan branch.
  • Saining has been working on MEI 2009 -> 2010 conversion.
  • Lucille has been communicating with Matt about how to extract verb information from sentences containing two names.
  • Hannah has been writing her thesis and working on a project for seminar.
  • Greg has been writing his thesis and working on Barline Finder (changing bar inclusion heuristics, etc). He's planning to set up a demo this week.
  • Gabriel has been testing a wider range of images in Barline Finder, and has started reading about HMMs. For his thesis, he has started collecting data from individual listener histories.
  • Jason has now completed ~10 interviews for his thesis, and is also working on his breakbeat HMM system.

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