October 22, 2012

Attendes: Ich, Andrew, Peter, Brian, Hannah, Gabriel


  • Brian:
  • He has to work a little bit more on the Barfinder project, he thinks that needs one more week to work on that. He will be continue working on RODAN
  • Brink module works better with high-contrast images. For Salzinnes it didn't work so great, the same with DJVU.
  • Andrew:
  • Presented an idea to work in an pseudo automatic system for removing the back side of an image from the front ('Registration Code')
  • Starting next April all Salzinnes in Rodan. We use Gamera in the background, but we need the classifier in the front end.
  • He'll be in Vienna from November 4th to 15th.
  • Hannah:
  • Finishing her report
  • Ich suggested her to do research on alignment of OMR to MIDI project (the poor OMR generates bad MIDI, but that's enough to do alignment)
  • She met Ryan (figured-bass type analysis for his thesis) and Hank. And so Ryan would be a good candidate for working in the CRIC project.
  • Gabriel
  • Training data on Gershwin in the GEMM folder.
  • Open axz file
  • Check multiprocessing library, but also check library for
  • Check if we can set up different IPs on the same machine (for getting scrobble history). We can alias net
  • VMWare on 2 machines (little and big Dell). On the web server, we have OS system virtualization, and we can create Jails there.
  • Ich:
  • He'll be on New Orleans next week, no lab meetings
  • Greg, Andrew, Gabriel, and Jason will be in charge of MUMT301, Music and the Internet, class.

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