Present: Ich, Jason, Gabriel, Brian, Peter, Lucille, Hannah, Greg

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Gabriel: continue working on Gamera features (diagonal projection). Gamera found a bug, trying to rotate one-pixel images. Thesis: scraping usernames from (~5000 user names per day). Another script is getting public data for unique users and retrieving listening history.

Brian: finished RODAN job for inputting the staff group hint for the barline finding project. Moving onto correction interface for measures.

Greg: integrated barline finding algorithm into RODAN. Working on script to combine the MEI generated by the barline finder for each page. Will have a demo ready by the end of the week. Created ISMIR poster in portrait layout.

Hannah: working on thesis proposal. Taking Cognitive Dynamics of Music Listening course. Signed up as MIREX tester for music similarity. Debated about music similarity: 'how similar is similar?'. Decided to debate over beer instead.

Lucille: met with Saining to figure out how to use Gate and catch up with previous research done on the digital prosopography project. Going to meet with Matt to ask questions about the relationship between entities. Saining sent pdf of requirements document. Planning to meet with Saining as soon as possible.

Peter: working on RODAN issues. Will email Andrew or Alastair to figure out what to work on next.

Jason: writing draft of section for thesis filled with interviews of MCs, artists/producers, or label owners. Talked about what role an MC plays.

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